■Are you sure I’ll be able to do this?

I’ve seen most everyone I know excel in healing so dramatically after attending the Reconnective Healing® seminars that I can’t find words to express it. I also know a couple who seem afraid to move forward, continuing with their previous techniques or trying to combine them with Reconnective Healing® without much improvement when they do it that way. So I don’t get it. Are there some people who just can’t access these purer energies? And, if so, why would I assume it would be different for me?a beginner?
You ask an excellent question. The answer is actually contained in a quote from my book:
People ask me if everyone has the ability to carry these frequencies and become a healer.
My answer is, “Yes!” Everyone can do this, but the eyes are blind.
It is only a few who dare to open their eyes . . . and often those who do are blinded by what they see.
Everyone, once they interact with this, can do the work. They’re doing it at the seminar. For some, it’s difficult for them to believe that they can actually do this, even though it’s happening, visibly, right before their eyes. For some, they are lost in the concept that more is better, so they “add” things, not recognizing that it’s a dilution, much as adding a cup of water to a bowl of chili merely gives you watered-down chili. And yet, for a third group, there is the need for them to attempt to make this better by putting their personal stamp on it. (For example, this is what happened to Reiki. It’s difficult to find the pure original Reiki. Many people – who do many different things – claim that their “technique” has sole ownership of it.) This third group is not secure enough in who they are to find their reward in simply being a part of the process, recognizing the honor that it is that they’ve been invited into the equation and permitted (I consider it “blessed”) to w
itness the process in a state of awe. They therefore attempt to “decorate” it, to lay some sort of “claim” on the process and the results. To be able to say, “See. This is how I do it. This makes it even better”. This is what I term “gilding the lily,” taking the perfection of the universe and trying to make it more perfect.
These healings come from a place of perfect harmony with the universe. By trying to improve upon perfection, these individuals are displaying for anyone who cares to notice, that they weren’t able to see the perfection to begin with…or that they somehow lost sight of it. There is nothing wrong with any of the people in any of these groups, and many people are comprised of a combination of the three. The people who fall into these groups are simply not yet at a place where they are willing and emotionally able to step through their comfort zones.
Why might it be different for you? There are many reasons. Many of them the same reasons that it is different for so many other people who are able to bring this through at its highest. First of all, as a beginner, you don’t have so much baggage to release. There are feelings of safety and security in our baggage. There’s also fear of letting go of what we spent time and money accumulating. This usually comes from feeling that it means that we’ve made a mistake instead of recognizing that where we’ve been has simply been the most recent step that brought us to where we are now. Lifting your foot off of one step is required to step up onto the next. Lifting the other foot off of that previous step is also required if you’d like to continue your ascension. Lifting your foot off of a step and then replacing it, no matter how many times you do it, and no matter how wonderful the step, keeps you where you are, on that very same step. There’s a certain degree of bravery required to
look at a step you loved so much – be it that special oriental healing technique you may have invested thousands of dollars in mastering and that served you so well, or one of the myriad other wonderful techniques that are taught here in the US or other countries – bless it, thank it and kiss it good bye. To do so, you have to recognize that the intended function of a step is to be…a step. It isn’t an end point, but rather part of your progression on your journey. You, by not having been indoctrinated into the arena of new-age healing “techniques,” don’t have this baggage and therefore will not be a candidate for that particular struggle to divest yourself of it.
Why do you think we so easily see truth in the eyes of children? They don’t come into this world with all the baggage and investment we accumulate. Mind you, most experienced healers don’t put themselves through this. Actually, the more evolved understand the process and move forward into this new level with excitement and anticipation. Can you do it? Of course you can. Can these other people do it? Sure they can. It’s only a matter of when. “It’s only a few who dare to open their eyes…and often those who do are blinded by what they see.” You’ll be fine.

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