■Can anyone learn to do this?

We all have the ability to carry these new frequencies of healing. It’s not a gift for a few chosen people – gurus or “holy” (by general consensus) men or women. It’s a gift of this time; the intelligence and wisdom we need to guide us is already in place. These frequencies are both old and new. They are “old” because they are of the universe. They are “new” because this is the first time that they’ve been on the planet. They are not something that someone’s friend at the beach has been “ohming” in for 15 years nor are they some lost technique of an old or ancient people. They are believed to be frequencies that we are experiencing on the Earth for the very first time.
Although the universe, for some reason, chose to “seed” Eric with this energy to begin the process of frequency enhancement, it seems that every day, more and more people are finding their place as part of this phenomenon. In so doing, we are raising our overall level of consciousness. Each week, Reconnective Healing® is taught to hundreds of people from all over the world and from all types of backgrounds – medical and non-medical, spiritual and non-spiritual, metaphysical and non-metaphysical, new-age and non-new age. The people who learn this come from all walks of life, demographics and socioeconomic classes.
Everyone comes in at the same level no matter what his or her experience or educational background-which varies widely. The groups are approximately 50 percent male, 50 percent female. You’ll find Reiki Master Teachers and massage therapists, housewives and students, doctors and nurses, clergy members and construction workers, scientists, school teachers, computer analysts, government officials, plumbers and electricians, bankers and lawyers. And, in most seminars, you’ll also find the person who didn’t want to come sitting next to the person who brought them anyway.
The constant diversity in any given room around the world is your assurance that over the course of a weekend, the nature of this work as it applies to nearly every aspect of life is addressed. Those locked into their left brains at the beginning of the seminar have often evolved so far beyond such limitations by the end that you are left to wonder if only a day or two have really passed. And when you notice that the construction worker is functioning with the same confidence and integrity as the Reiki Master Teacher-right there in that moment-you can’t help but realize the simple beauty of this gift.
These seminars are about creating atmospheres of interactive participation that promote exploration and learning; they are about sharing the group experience. What happens when a group works together with these energies is that everyone’s level rises at an amazing speed. It’s as if there’s some kind of a field that connects everyone more intensely in a group setting, expediting our new evolution exponentially. We’re all changing in every second-and there’s a lot to say about spending a weekend immersed in the energies . . . together.

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