■How will I know this attunement has taken place for me? What can I do so that my body becomes aware of the new vibrations and is able to act as a conduit for them?

You’re already in the process of undergoing these changes. The changes are occurring in you right now. For many, it’s an a priori conclusion that this process of attunement is encoding and unfolding in you even as you read this Q & A. For others, you most likely are, or are about to be, discovering it.
In my experience, there are three main “styles” by which people make this attunement, this shift to accommodate the new frequencies:
1. You may notice changes in yourself almost from the beginning-new sensations of warmth, a strange feeling in your head or hands when you first hear about The ReconnectionR, or see the book in a store.
2. For others, your process may begin after you pick up the book and hold it, or open it and start reading. You may begin to notice things happening as you read the book – or these FAQ’s – further and further. Immersed in the material, your sensations become more and more apparent.
3. A few of you may not feel anything until a little later on-three days, three weeks, maybe longer.
Finally, there is a fourth “style”-the manifestor. This is a person who develops tiny blisters or experiences inexplicable bleeding, as I did at one point in my own development. If this happens, it only seems to last for a day or two, and simply means that your body is shifting to carry and accommodate these newer and larger (more comprehensive) frequencies.

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