■I want to have a healing. Do I want a private session or would I be better off attending a seminar?

It depends on several factors. First of all, it may be wise for you to attend a seminar if your interest includes bringing healings to others. Many people who come to the seminars report that they receive healings merely from being in attendance, even though their intention for attending is to learn to facilitate healings for others. And, although we can’t make any specific promises that this will be the case for you, there’s clearly a lot to be said about being immersed in these healing frequencies for an entire weekend. It’s important to learn this work, not just for the benefits it yields you personally, but also for the gift of being able to offer it to help others. If your only purpose in attending is to have a healing for yourself, you might want to schedule a private healing session. If your desire is to help others as well as yourself, your most appropriate path may be to attend the seminar.
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