What is The Reconnection®

What is The Reconnection®

“The Reconnection® has rebalanced and accelerated my life, and many others worldwide,put me in the right place with the right people at the right time to make the right decisions.
You don’t have to have physical illness to receive healing,anyone could do with a better change in life.
It has been instrumental in a change of career, a change of relationships, a change of lifestyle and even made me a better shopper.”
Michiko Etoh  Foundational & Reconnection-Certified Practitioner
Teaching Assistant (TA) & Mentor


[ What is The Reconnection®? ]
Simply put, The Reconnection® is the process of reconnecting to the universe that allows for healing on all levels to take place. The healings of The Reconnection® and the frequencies on which they travel are of a new bandwidth, brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on Earth. “It isn’t mind over matter or conscious hypnosis. Something real happens during a Reconnective Healing® session,” Dr. Pearl says. “There is a vibration of truth when I get the answers and I simply know it to be.”

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・ Facilitated by Level III Practitioner, and above
・Must be facilitated in person, CANNOT be facilitiated by distance healing
・ The intention is to reconnect to the Universe for personal advancement & evolution process that will continue to occur long after the sessions finish. Reconnecting you to your life path to fulfill your life purpose to your highest potential.
・1-3 session of Reconnective Healing® is recommended prior to receiving The Reconnection®
・ Always carries the vibration of 333
・ Always in 2 sessions on consecutive days or not more than 1day apart
・Healing of all levels mental, emotional, spiritual and physical
・ Healing will continue long after the sessions finish
・Fee $333 or 333 Euro or \54,333 (Japan) / include 2sessions (2x60mins

[ Session Information ]
・Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes. Keep in mind that you will be resting face-up (shoes off) during your sessions.
・Scents: Avoid perfume and the use of scented soaps, hair and/or skin care products before your sessions. Sessions should be as fragrance-free as possible.
・Jewelry: Jewelry should be non-restrictive and inaudible.
・State of mind : During these sessions you will be asked to lie down, close your eyes, relax and “let go”. It is not necessary and in fact it is not recommended that you meditate, pray or attach to any specific outcome. Be receptive to the experience, knowing that you are participating in a positive and exciting process brought to you from God,
Love and the Universe.
・Time: The Reconnective Healing® sessions typically last 30 minutes, 1-3 sessions are recommended. The Reconnection is always facilitated in two sessions, ideally on consecutive days or maximum of regarding the 3 days, 3 sleep cycles or 72 hours. apart.

Please note: While not required, it is suggested that you experience 1-3 Reconnective Healing® sessions prior to receiving your personal Reconnection®.