Message to Japan

As Goes Japan, So Goes the World…

I find myself watching the news every night, something I don’t usually do. Checking the news multiple times a day via the internet. It helps me feel as if I am in continuous contact with all the people of Japan whose lives have touched mine, not just the ones I speak with on the phone, but with all whose faces float before my eyes daily and continuously.

Find a way to reach into their lives.

I can’t help but remember the first time on stage when I said, “As goes Japan, so goes the world.” Those of you who know me know that I’ve always felt a special connection Japan, that I’ve always recognized that Japan holds a unique place not only in my life, but in the world. Japan is here to teach, to be a beacon of light. And on many levels, not all of them consciously, Japan has accepted that role and carries it out with grace.

As I wonder why we sometimes select ways to learn and ways to teach that don’t appear to be the most pleasant or the most enjoyable, I recall one of the insights that my mother brought back from her life-after-death experience.

“There is a logical reason for everything that is happening in this world and beyond?

and it all makes perfect sense. One day, you will understand the divine purpose of God’s plan.” ? Lois Pearl

And even though we may not understand the reasoning that might allow for these things, or allow for them to make sense, the knowingness of this truth allows for our growth. Our willingness to not know all the answers, yet to observe and to look for them, is wherein lies our growth and evolution. And our willingness to stand in calm, in peace, and observe without judgment demonstrates our integrity, our willingness to teach while we, ourselves, are in our own learning process.

We feel the energy forcing its way through our lives.

We understand where we are. On various levels, we understand right now. And yet it is our obligation to challenge ourselves to observe without judgment, to be the witness and the witnessed, the seer and the seen, so that we may learn to understand… yet on even more levels. And to evolve continuously in the process. Understanding is not a fixed state, it is an ever-unfolding one. It is a continuation. And we are part of a continuum.

We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing.

You must see that you are a master. We are witnessing greater flow of force.

You must know that you are a master. We are relegating ourselves to the force that flows through this being. We acknowledge its performance in helping us to withstand those forces that illuminate the energies that are a part of it all.

Your life comes to its focus when your energy is interacting with that which is. It automatically amplifies its force in a way that is meaningful to the audience it is in contact with.

Who is this audience?

The audience you have selected is yourself. The audience that you have selected is the world. The world is watching Japan.

This force will recognize a large latitude of energies that will involve itself with a greater meaning.

This message, and how Japan demonstrates and lives this message, is essential to the future of this plane.

Find a way to reach into the lives of everyone.

There’s a higher bar to jump over, a greater gift to give, a greater reward to reap. So let’s take this moment to pause, sense the presence of everyone we know. Not just those of us in Japan, but everyone. And in this space, let’s take each other’s hand, sense our Reconnection on all levels, experience our love, become the light and, in doing so, heal others and heal ourselves in ways we’ve not yet dreamed possible.

Eric Pearl