Reconnection Mentor Entry Qualification Event in Coral Springs! Apply Now!


Mentor Entry Qualification

Taught by: Pat Atanas and Ronen Levy

FEE:  990 USD

Venue & Hotel : Marriott Fort Lauderdale Coral Springs  11775 Heron Bay Boulevard  Coral Springs  FL 33076  +2 954 753 5598

     Local Contact:

     Pat Atanas

     For more information about program requirements, contact Pat Atanas at

Taught in English.


 Prerequisites: Completion of the Level I/II and Level III Seminars and facilitated 9 Reconnective Healing Sessions and 9 Reconnections.


About this Event

 The Mentor Entry Qualification Module
Track 1: Mentor Practice Development
Track 2: Philosophy and Coaching Skills
Track 3: Level III Seminar: The Reconnection


      Day 1: Practice Development
The Mentor Entry Qualification Module commences with a full day Practice Building Seminar. This program will cover the necessary steps to develop your own practice and will provide you with the action steps essential to motivate and represent yourself as a successful Practitioner Mentor.
Day 2: Philosophy and Coaching Skills
An interactive qualification course designed to improve the way you speak about Reconnective Healing and share the work in your community.  This course will give you the tools, confidence and a plan to help you spread the word about this amazing work. We will also review your understanding of the philosophy that is Reconnective Healing and help you develop coaching skills to utilize while teaching at seminars and mentoring private clients.
Day 3-4: Practical Application in an Actual Seminar Environment
A two-day observation format that will allow The Reconnection teaching team to witness the talent and skills of the Mentor Entry Qualification candidates during a Semi-Private Level III Seminar.   Development plans will be created for those who demonstrate a clear understanding of the philosophy and successfully complete this part of the program.  We will also award invitations for Internships on our worldwide Reconnection teaching teams at the seminars.

      Prerequisites for Mentor Entry Qualification: Successful completion of the Level I/II & III Seminars and your Reconnection completed by a Level III practitioner in good standing. Basic command of the English language. Additionally, you must have facilitated a minimum of 9 Reconnections and 9 Healing Sessions and demonstrate an acceptable level of quality of this work. Mentor status will be awarded to those who successfully complete the Mentor Entry Qualification Module.

      There are only a few opportunities for potential Mentors to enter into the qualification process, so please be sure to secure your place today.
The Reconnection has an extensive seminar schedule and we look forward to adding more Mentors from this region to our growing family.

       If you have any questions about this event or would like more information, please contact Pat Atanas at  All of us at the Reconnection thank you for sharing your journey as you move forward on your Mentor path.

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