Michi’s monthly Reconnective life report in April.


Welcome to Michi’s monthly Reconnection report.

This series is about awareness of Reconnective frequencies.

April’s theme is energy flow.

When you hear the term “Energy flow” what do you imagine?

When I first received Reconnective healing, I paid the practitioner.

Money-shaped energy.

The Reconnective healing improved my health and my relationship with my family.

Also when I became a Reconnective practitioner, I got a job!

When I became a practitioner, I became very interested in energy forms.

For example I looked at the fact that when we’re close to a heater, we feel warm and when we’re far away, we feel cold. This is the nature of energy.

When energy is far away, it is weak.

But Reconnective energy is different.

For example, even if the Reconnective practitioner is far away from the healy, the energy is strong.

I think as time goes on, Reconnective energy gets stronger and becomes even more effective.

I have observed it for 10 years.

In my case, when I started receiving Reconnective healing, I noticed some small positive changes.

But as the years went by, the positive changes kept becoming bigger and bigger as time passed.

This was my experience but I wanted to learn about other people’s experiences. Therefore, I asked some of my clients about their experience.

They had been receiving Reconnective healing already for about 8-10 years.

Everyone I spoke to, said they had the same experience.

You will feel many energies in your life. Please take the time to observe them and come to understand them.

See you next month. Thank you very much.


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